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Drapes and Curtains are always a welcome addition to any home. Change your drapes with the seasons or add some interest on a special occasion. Explore the many possibilities from heavy room darkening fabrics that add warmth and privacy or select an elegant sheer fabric for a classy touch. 

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Vertical treatments are a reliable and cost-effective product made of fabric or PVC. They are ideal for large windows and patio doors. You can tilt or slide the vanes from the right, left or centre. For a more modern feel in your home select a Panel Track inspired by the Orient. They can be controlled in a similar fashion to the Verticals and customized to match your Roller or Solar shades for a seamless look in throughout your home. 


Window film is something we like to offer privacy from outside.  Window film is available in an assortment of designs and transparencies.  You can also consider tint for its reflective properties. Great for doors and windows in garages.

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