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Sales & Installation

Malcolm, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the window covering industry, began his journey as an installer for Superblinds and Drapery in 2005. With his expertise recognized, he quickly rose to the position of Commercial Sales Consultant in 2006, contributing to the expansion of Superblinds across Western Canada. Settling in Calgary, he successfully secured a contract with Cove Properties to install and maintain window coverings for prominent projects like Sasso, Vetro, and Nuera in downtown Calgary. In 2010, driven by his ambition, Malcolm established Ambitious Blinds Inc., aiming to cater to the window covering and minor renovation needs of Calgary and its surrounding areas.

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Sales & Installation

In January 2018, Jordan became a valued member of Ambitious Blinds Inc, inspired by his longtime friend and business partner, Malcolm, to embark on a career in the window covering industry. With a remarkable 16-year background in residential and commercial construction, Jordan has honed his skills in various areas, including drywall installation, finish carpentry, and holding a Red Seal ticket in HVAC. Leveraging his expertise, he now excels in estimating, quoting, and skillfully installing an extensive selection of Canadian and imported window coverings.

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